Whether you have a cyst, lipoma, or any mass under the skin that bothers you either because of discomfort or looks, Dr. Silvers can remove them with minimal pain or scar. A

cyst is a giant whitehead, having a pore, a cyst wall, and oily material that was meant to be extruded on the surface of the skin. If the cyst wall is ruptured, the immune cells that home in the skin treat the content of the cyst as a foreign material, and mount an immune reaction that is similar to what is seen in a bacterial abscess. Whether the cyst is inflamed or not, it can be removed, leaving minimal scar. Later, the scar can be faded away with the dermabrasion technique if the patient wishes so. A lipoma is a colony of the fat cells. In essence, it is a mole of the fat cells. It feels like a movable rubbery mass under the skin. The overlying skin appears perfectly normal, except for somewhat bulging. It can be removed through a slit that is about one third of the diameter of the lipoma. because the lipoma acts like a tissue expander, after the removal, the wound edges have minimal tension, and, thereby, heal very nicely. There are are a number of other so-called subcutaneous masses that can be removed to have a microscopic diagnosis, and help the patient live more comfortably and confidently.