Resolution of Constant Lower Lip Dryness

Do you notice that you lower lip is constantly much drier, and more scaling than your upper lip? What you are experiencing on your lip is sun damage. Ultraviolet rays induce mutations in the cells of your lip that result in a slightly abnormal keratin being produced, or a different version of keratin being produced to block further sunburn, and sun damage.

A chemical peel can simply undo decades of sun damage off of your lip, and leave you with a much smoother lower lip, often times as smooth as your upper lip. Dr. Silvers numbs the entire lower lip with two numbing injections inside the mouth. These two shots are quite tolerable, even if you are a chicken. The shots are much less painful than what dentists do. When you are fully numb, a chemical peel is performed by the doctor. After the treatment which takes about fifteen minutes, the lip will be moderately swollen for a couple of days, and then dry and peeling. You will love the result, and enjoy it for the rest of your life..