When the skin is traumatized slightly in a controlled manner, whether it be heat, laser light, friction and abrasion as in microdermabrasion or outright dermabrasion, chemical burn as in chemical peels, or, as of late, microneedling, the skin is prompted to lay down new material as part of the process of wound healing, and ends up appearing healthier and more youthful.
Microneedling is a process in which a disposable tip containing many very fine needles is attached to a powered gun. An operator passes the tip several times over the area to be treated. The micro-needled area appears pink, and sometimes manifests slight bleeding, which stops on its own within seconds. The depth of the penetration of the needles of the microneedling device is set by the operator, and it is based on the indication that it is being used for. After the procedure the treated skin remains red for one to four days
Microneedling is very helpful for a number of facial skin issues, such as large pores, or vertical upper lip lines. When the entire face is treated a few times, the skin appears to have less wrinkles, have more healthy glow. Microneedling refreshes the skin.
The procedure is quite tolerable after applying some numbing gel.
It is worth the try. Most patients need to have it done a few times to see an appreciable difference. Microneedling greatly refreshes everyone’s skin. Patients who have had it done three times monthly are very pleased.
We now perform microneedling using the SkinPen because as of 2018 it has been proven to the FDA to be the only microneedling device that keep the patients safe and produce outstanding results.