Visible capillaries on the face are the result of sun damage, or sometimes other types of radiation. Laser facial redness treatment involves using a dense selected wavelength of visible light that heats up the hemoglobin in the red blood cells selectively, but heats up the water or pigment of the skin 150 times less so. In essence, the visible yellow light penetrates through the epidermal portion of the skin to heat the target within the blood vessels only. The heat trauma in the blood vessels sets off a wound healing process that results in resetting the dilated capillaries, i.e., to turn closer to their original diameter.

How Will It Look After The Treatment?

Patients’ eyes are covered during the laser treatment. At the end of the procedure when the eyes are uncovered and a mirror is handed over to the patients, invariably, they state that it does not look that bad. The treated area appears pink, as if it was just sunburned. The pinkishness lasts a few hours to half a day. People normally go about their day after the procedure.

Does It Hurt?

The treatment feels like a hot pin brushing over the skin. It is quite tolerable. On the sides of the nose, where it is very sensitive, Dr. Silvers uses a laser that has a chilled tip to make it even more tolerable. There is no need for injectable numbness.

What Should A Patient Expect from One Treatment?

Each laser treatment session reduces the diameter of the treated capillaries by 50% to 70%. The gap in between the sessions are six weeks or longer. Patients themselves choose whether further treatment is needed or not, and when to have another one done. Patients can set up a short visit to have a small test spot done, and be able to see first hand the healing period and the final improvement.