Voluma is a sugar-based (hyaluran-based) filler that is non-animal, and non-human derived. It has been documented to last for about two years in human soft tissue or the skin. The mild swelling or fullness that ensues shortly after injection of Voluma lasts about seven to ten days. The great majority of the patients do not mind the swelling, and many like it. The way that the site that was injected looks one month after the injection of Voluma, for most patients, it will look about the same for over a year, and possibly two years, depending on how fast the person’s own aging changes creep on.

Voluma is FDA approved to be injected over the cheekbones and the upper cheeks.

Each syringe contains one milliliter, i.e., a cube with one centimeter dimensions, or the equivalent volume of four uncooked chickpeas. It usually takes two to four syringes to appreciate the desirable effect on the cheeks. Dr. Silvers usually injects one or two syringes in each session. The procedure is quite tolerable because the gel that is injected contains an anesthetic. It is injected with a very fine needle. Dr. Silvers injects Voluma in the upper cheeks, nasolabial folds, temples, and the back portion of the cheeks. These are the areas that similar to the pillars that hold up the roof of a house they hold up the face. Restoring fullness in these areas truly and naturally invigorates the face.