Procedural Dermatology – PRP

Sexual organ, and function enhancement (PRP Rhino Boost). The penis is a very porous organ. When PRP is injected at one spot of the tissue the platelets distribute throughout the organ. The erectile enhancement is noted incrementally day by day over the next months. No human being could tolerate a needle piercing through his genitalia. The area is numbed by a numbing gel, and numbing injections at distant sites in the groin to deaden the nerve fibers that reach the penis, without injecting the penis with anesthetics.
Many women suffer from slight or mild incontinence as a result of prior childbirth. Female genital treatments with PRP can result in increased muscle tone of the vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles, thus reversing the issue. In addition, as a result, women notice well-appreciated sensitivity of the genital area.