O-Shot for her

The genitals receive minimal blood flow during the unexcited state, which is much of the day ordinarily. The periods of low blood flow act like a blow to the tissue. In youth, the tissue bounces back, but as the woman gets older these periods of low blood flow might result in loss of sensitivity, moisture, and volume of the tissue.
Platelets flow within the blood vessels, and act like packages that contain wound healing compounds to be released only at the sites of injury. Dr. Charles Runnels, the founder of, came up with the idea of injecting the genitals with a person’s own platelets. One or two sessions of O-Shot treatments that are usually spaced three months apart revives the tissue back to how it used to function decades prior, resulting in greater sensitivity, and moisture. In the case of stress urinary incontinence, the patient can expect at least a reduction, if not, resolution of the condition. Some women do not need to repeat the procedure for years, and some women might need to repeat it annually.

The injection is tolerable after the area in numbed with a numbing gel. In the rare instance that a patient wishes to be sedated for the procedure, we could provide that.