Employing Your Platelet Contents to Induce Revival

Rhino Boost, Priapus Shot, AKA P-Shot. When I first heard about the P-Shot, I had already witnessed the power of PRP for hair growth on the scalp, I thought, wow, imagine how many marriages it could save.” Jack Silvers, MD

Obviously, the main concern for men in regards to a penile injection is pain. Dr. Silvers numbs the genitalia by targeting the main nerve fibers that supply sensory signals to the area at the buttocks, where we sit on. The technique is called the Pudendal Nerve Block. The nerves that supply sensation to the genitalia exit the spine at the lower back, pass over the pelvic bone under the buttocks to reach the genitalia. Two shots through the skin in the buttocks, and the entire genitalia becomes completely numb in seconds. If after the nerve block took effect, you were not completely numb or felt a wood stick that is scratched on you, we would not start the procedure, and you’d be refunded.


Patients do not have any discomfort afterwards.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) contains repairing and regenerative molecules that are stored within the platelets. Those molecules are only released when the platelets are activated. What stops bleeding from a shaving nick are activated platelets and proteins that float in the blood. Exposure to the edge of the severed blood vessel activates these agents in the blood to form a blood clot. On the other side of the blood clot, the skin needs to repair itself. Platelets contain a number of molecules that recruit and activate other cells to induce repair and regeneration. In the unexcited mode, the genitalia do not receive enough blood supply. In youth the tissue recovers from those periods of inadequate blood supply, but over time changes settle in. Because of penile tissue’s natural porosity, delivering activated platelets to the penile tissue results in great revival in the majority of the cases as long as the man could still achieve some firmness.

Men can expect much harder erections on demand, greater sensitivity, and longer lasting erections. PRP might induce maximum half an inch increase in length as well. In essence, it restores the maximum length that the man could achieve in the past. There are no side effects because a person’s own molecules are being employed.

PRP revives, but does not resurrect. PRP has not been greatly successful in men who do not respond at all to Viagra or Cialis.

PRP revives the remaining stem cells within the tissue. Using Viagra or Cialis to achieve erections is tantamount to beating a tired horse. Besides possible side effects of the medicines, such as hearing loss in some, most men reach a point that these medicines would be no longer effective. At that point there might not be any stem cells for PRP to induce the revival of.

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Erections, and well-being, in general, are multi-factorial conditions. Dr. Silvers addresses diet and sleep to help all of his patients achieve optimum health.”