Female stress urinary incontinence reduction, using PRP

The repair and regenerative molecules that are stored within platelets can be injected within the underlying tissue that cuffs around the urethra, the short tube that connects the bladder to the outside world. Ordinarily, the platelets run around in the blood, and their molecules are only employed if a capillary is severed, and blood is exposed to the traumatized tissue. A condense suspension of a person’s own platelets within the yellow fluid of the blood that is devoid of the red blood cells is called platelet rich plasma. The injection is tolerable after the area in numbed with a numbing gel. In the rare instance that a patient wishes to be sedated for the procedure, we could provide that.

Stress urinary incontinence could be the result of the trauma of childbirth, long term estrogen deficiency, or aging.

The person’s own platelet molecules never overshoot, or cause any untoward reactions. In essence there is no side effect because our body knows how to interact with its own molecules. The results vary because there are different factors involved in this condition.