Lichen planopilaris Treatment using platelet rich plasma

In lichen planopilaris the patient’s immune cells attack, and damage the scalp hair follicles, resulting in randomly distributed patches of hair thinning, and, eventually, bald spots. As opposed to localized alopecia areata in which we could rightfully hope for full hair regrowth, lichen planopilaris might result in permanent hair loss on the involved scalp patches, especially if the patches have been present for a long time.

In the past cortisone creams, and oral antibiotics, such as doxycycline which has anti-inflammatory properties like cortisone, were all that we could offer the patients.

Platelets, the floating cell particles in our blood, contain molecules that are immune-regulatory, and promote revival and regrowth. A number of doctors have reported beneficial effect from the the injection of platelet rich plasma for lichen planopilaris patches. The attached link is one article that was published in November 2018 issue of Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, which is a peer-reviewed journal. You can view the images in that articles at any dermatologist office who subscribes to the journal, or if you paid for the rights to the publisher.

As expected, because lichen planopilaris is a scarring alopecia, we could not expect full hair regrowth in all affected areas. But, it seems that platelet rich plasma halts the progression of the condition, and induces regrowth in most areas and cases.