Stretch marks, platelet rich plasma plus microneedling

Microneedling with platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a risk-free procedure that every patient who has had it done has witnessed some improvement, and often patients are thrilled three months after the procedure when they see the final result.  Acne scars, pores, sun spots and facial lines all improve after the procedure. Some stretch marks, and the lax skin that ensues weight loss or delivery become tightened to some degree. Microneedling alone, and more so in combination with PRP can result in noticeable improvement in skin abnormalities with no risk for permanent issues.

We  have switched to the SkinPen device for our microneedling procedures. SkinPen is the only, or one of the few microneedling devices that is designed not to allow blood to get through the disposable tip to reach the handheld portion of the device. In addition, the SkinPen device has demonstrated a number of other technical superiorities to other microneedling devices because of the unique design of the disposable tip of it.