Fillers plus platelet rich plasma

AN Patel and colleagues studied the effect of pouring PRP on chest wounds after cardiothoracic surgery in 2000 patients over seven year period. Their article was published in the Journal of Cardiothoracic surgery in April of 2016, the the pubmed link is The PRP treated group developed much less infections than the control group.A company by the name of Eclipse has made a sterile kit, and accessories that make it possible to perform the procedure sterilely. Dr. Silvers became well familiar with the sterile technique as a fourth year Yeshiva College student when he used to prepare cell cultures in a research laboratory at Columbia Medical school. He applies the sterile technique principles that he learned in the research lab to perform the PRP procedures at his office. Dr. Silvers treats one PRP patient at a time to leave no room for cross injecting patients’ blood product specimens.