Acne treatment

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The problem of acne is extremely embarrassing and distressing for anyone of all ages. Acne can develop at any age but it is most common among teenagers. The problem of acne can develop almost any part of the body, including face, neck, arms, back, the legs and the shoulders. Mostly acne is categorized in three parts; mild, moderate or severe.

Acne is a health condition and the management for each of these stages varies significantly. The other thing is that the worse the acne becomes and the greater chance of acne scarring. Thus, in order to avoid acne scaring and to limit the bacteria on the skin, a comprehensive acne treatment is required. At Brentwood Dermatology, we adopt effective treatment approach to treat acne. From mild, moderate to severe conditions, we provide latest acne treatment options to manage your acne condition and reduce the risks of infection, as well as permanent scarring.